It’s the little things…

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt during my (very short) time as a mum, it’s that it really is the simple things in life that we take for granted. People say it all the time, but I’ve never truly understood it until now.

Here are a few things I wish I had appreciated more before becoming a parent:

  1. Hot food – this is something nobody warned me about. My darling little boy seems to have a ‘mummy’s dinner time’ radar built into him, for every time my food is ready, or I’m mid-eating, the waterworks start. I’m not one to leave him grumbling, so food is always left to go cold. I recently saw something online that definitely rings true nowadays. It said:

“Papa bears porridge was too hot. Baby bears porridge was just right. Mumma bears was too cold…. I get it now.”

And I do finally get it now!

2. The obvious one… SLEEP! – this one I did know was coming, but I still took it for granted. I remember when I was pregnant everyone kept telling me, “relax”, “the cleaning can wait, take a nap”, “go to bed” and so on. I of course ignored everyone, what did they know? Pfft. I want to slap my pregnant self. Twice.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love cuddling with Dominic in the night when he wakes, it feels like our special time together. But, the lack of sleep does build up, and leave you feeling like a walking zombie.

3. Cleaning – yep, you heard right. I hate cleaning, but at the same I do get totally crazy and annoyed when I see the house untidy, or the kitchen hasn’t been cleaned, or anything like that. It instantly puts me in a bad mood. Especially the laundry, God, I see red when the laundry piles up. But now I have a little one, I can only do bits here and there whenever he sleeps in the day. I’m gonna have to look into getting a sling or something so that I can multi-task.

4. Popping out – I always knew that it would be harder to go out for a meal or something with Neal, but I didn’t think of the little things like going to the shops. To be fair, it would probably be easier if I wasn’t a complete clutz when it comes to putting the pram together, using the car seat and remembering things I need to take with me. Practice makes perfect I guess – at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

BUT …. all the above is outweighed by the joys of parenthood. 

I never knew how much I could love such a tiny little person. He really is my world. Contrary to the above, there are little, ever so simple things that fill my heart up with so much love, I’m scared it’s gonna explode all over the walls (now there’s a picture!)

  1. Smiles – Oh. My. God. Do they not just fill you up with so much joy? I’ve started singing to my son quite frequently, the poor thing. Until today he’d just watched me like I was a total crazy person. But today it seems I’ve found that magic song. ‘Rock a bye baby’. This song makes him smile every time. At first I thought he must have had gas, so I kept singing it every now and again. 5 times to be exact. And each time he smiled. I’m taking that one as a win. :)

2. Breastfeeding – I know it’s just feeding, but feeding him is just so lovely. It’s so relaxing, and it really feels like I’m bonding with him. It’s that special time, just him and I, and it feels nice to know that it’s only me that can do it. And that face! Their little eyes and face when they’re feeding (I’m sure any mum will know), are absolutely gorgeous!

3. Sleeping – no, not for the reason you’re thinking. I just like to watch Dominic sleeping. Is that weird? I hope not. There’s something about their calm, angelic little selves just sleeping that really pulls you in, you really do lose yourself in it. I must have lost hours just watching him.

4. Squeals – I still haven’t worked out what these mean. But my God are they cute. At first I thought it was him getting excited and playing, but then I read that babies make these noises when they are trying to get your attention. Both are fine, but I definitely hope it’s the former. They’re definitely a step up from crying.

There are so much more I could add to this list, but I think it would probably get a bit boring (if it isn’t already!) so I’ll contain myself.


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