Why pregnancy is so damn good.

I can’t believe Dominic is over 6 weeks old now. I have absolutely no idea where those weeks went, it feels like yesterday I was big, fat and pregnant. I absolutely adore being a mum, but I also miss being pregnant (despite what I may have said towards the end of my pregnancy…)

Now that I’ve been pregnant, it seems that all I see are pregnant women. Shortly after birth I felt sorry for them (the first timers had no idea what was coming!), but now I can’t help but feel jealous. It’s made me very thoughtful about pregnancy, and the things I really miss:

  • The kicks – those little kicks (while sometimes painful) felt amazing. And nobody but me knew they were happening – unless of course I was asking people to feel them, which admittedly did happen often! I used to love just sitting down, giving my belly a rub and feeling his little feet kicking me (and the hiccups, can’t forget the hiccups). Maybe I don’t miss the kicks in the ribs, but the rest was wonderful.
  • An excuse to nap, ALL the time – being pregnant meant I was sleepy constantly, and gave me an excuse to nap whenever I wanted, judgement free. I guess I still can play the ‘baby card’, and nap when Dominic does. But realistically, it just doesn’t happen, nap time is chore time. I think I’ll change the above to “having time to nap, all the time”.
  • Special treatment – while I often declined extra help, it was nice to have it offered to me. The amount of times people would say to me “but you’re pregnant”, when offering me a seat, letting me use the toilet first, making me a cup of tea and so on. Again, some people will still offer it now to help me with the baby, but it’s only a matter of time before I’m meant to be used to motherhood, and that goes away. Booooo!
Bump photo

I’m fairly certain this was my big ol’ bump a few weeks before I popped. Although it seems awfully small looking back at it…

  • The big bump – bloated? Who cares, nobody can tell! I remember being out with friends would would complain that they were bloated (no bread or pasta for them!), and just feeling secretly smug because I could have what I wanted and pass mine as baby.
  • An excuse to eat more – nobody judges a woman stuffing her face when she’s pregnant. Seconds? Thirds? Sure, I’m pregnant! It’s a shame that near the end Dom squashed my stomach so much that I couldn’t fit half as much in.
  • The excitement of what’s to come – especially if you’re a first time mum, you have absolutely no idea what to expect. I spent most of my time dreaming about this lovely little baby that was going to come into my life. The waiting felt very much like Christmas. And I love Christmas.

I’m curious as to what other mums enjoyed most about pregnancy (or maybe even disliked). Please feel free to share below :)


2 thoughts on “Why pregnancy is so damn good.

  1. arrfejjf says:

    I loved it all! You’re right about the first time being exciting and new because you don’t know what to expect and you have all this free time ect to day dream and think about what baby is going to look like and all the amazing things you are going to do, I feel jealous of first time mums sometimes.
    But then when you have another, the excitement is different. The excitement is that of getting to share it with your first born, that moment when they first meet outweighs everything, and then every other moment after that. Their first giggle together. I can’t get over how much I love being a parent and being pregnant, I could be pregnant over and over again I think. Everything about it is just so womanly and beautiful!


    • raisingmyminime says:

      I totally agree, especially the last bit. It feels ever so womanly and beautiful when you’re creating and carrying your child. I love how you’ve described the second child, that really is lovely :)


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