A woman’s worst nightmare

Today was a good day, I had a good baby today, I got lots done. Today felt good. I even had enough energy to get myself to Sainsbury’s once Neal got home, to pick up a few bits. For me to still be in normal clothes, decent enough to go out by the evening is a win in itself. But this was a mistake. I was casually minding my own business, got to the checkout, then I got that sweet smile I had grown so accustomed to whilst pregnant ….

“Are you all prepared yet? How long have you got to go?”

Now there was an awkward turtle moment if I’d ever seen one. I was a little shocked, I’d only thought of this as a joke you see on TV shows. Apparently not, apparently I’m still with child. I guess it was only yesterday I was saying how much I missed pregnancy, maybe I should embrace it? As soon as I informed her that I’d actually had my child, she quickly shut up.

I guess I needed someone to say this to me, for me to actually think about getting back into shape. I say back into shape, I’m hardly fat, but I do still have the jelly belly hanging around (quite literally actually… gross, huh?). I always used the excuse of, “well, the midwives told me I’m not to exercise until 6 weeks postpartum”. Well here it is, week 6 has reared it’s ugly head and I have no excuses to hide behind. Unless I don’t actually go for my checkup, then I’ll technically never get the all clear! I don’t think that’ll fly though…

I need to remember that I’m not a celebrity, I didn’t pull a Kate Middleton and leave my baby weight at the hospital door as I left.


Doesn’t this make you sick? She looks far too good for just having given birth…

I recollect my tummy somewhat resembling Snoopy’s nose right after birth. His nose my tummy, the snout my belly button. Quite the picture, eh? I’m sure many pregnant women will have sported the extreme outie belly button like me, but I thought it would pop in just as Dominic popped out. Sadly not. I’d love to know where Kate is hiding her snoopy in that dress.

I imagine most mum’s feel like this postpartum, like they need to lose the weight pronto. Maybe some of you even got the dreaded question like me. What do you think is a good time to start losing the baby weight? A few weeks? A few months? Longer? I’d be interested to know other peoples stances, parent or not.


9 thoughts on “A woman’s worst nightmare

  1. Carly says:

    You look bloody lovely considering you gave birth 6 weeks ago! I never and still don’t!
    The best advice my godmother gave me after having Fleur was 9 months to put it on, 9 months for it to fall off!
    Steven keeps reminding me our bodies aren’t just going to snap back into place after having a baby. It’s been stretched beyond compare! We arent celebrities who have their own personal trainer and chef and more importantly a nanny to look after their children!
    Embrace the mummy look if you want to have that cake have it!!! Xxxxxxxxx


    • raisingmyminime says:

      Thank you my dear! I definitely like that advice, 9 months doesn’t sound half bad at all!
      I’m impressed Steven said that, I always (wrongly) assume men would be the opposite! The extra tummy makes for a comfort rest for bubba too – another excuse :) xx


  2. Aunty Tracey says:

    Aww Sam, you do make me laugh. My darling neice, you’re beautiful as you are, even with snoopy tummy. It’s your unique snoopy tummy, one that grew and nurtured your child. Be proud of it….its your mummy badge! Xxxx


  3. Mel Spencer says:

    The best thing to do is take that comment with a pinch of salt, people always have comments and not always are they well recieved no matter the intention. I was asked a similiar question by a friend months later…”Are you expecting again?!”. I also used to be asked if Jamie was mine as people couldn’t seem to comprehend that a caramel coloured woman could produce such a milky white baby and neither could they get round my age at the time (19). What I learnt from these experiences as a vulnerable first time mum, is that comments will come and keep coming once you have a child. Best thing to do is shut them out unless they benefit you or your family in anyway. Be proud and be happy! I never exercised and eventually the weight fell off…and those E cups went down a couple of cups too, I’d have preferred them to stay but hey we can’t win them all. I still have a little podge on my belly you know and after 9 years…I’ve accepted it, it’s winter now anyways and I need the extra warmth haha. You’ll figure your own way for your own body, do what’s right for you xx 😊


    • raisingmyminime says:

      Very well said Mel :) people can definitely be narrow minded at times can’t they, you shouldn’t have to feel you need to justify yourself (or myself). I guess there’s no escaping it though is there, like you said, be proud and happy, and keep an extra layer for the winter ;) xx


  4. CD says:

    Firstly, congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful Dominic, secondly, your blog’s are fab, thirdly….17 years after my original 8lb 14oz badge of snoopy honour and an additional 2 (slightly smaller) little humans I wear my body with pride, eventually and I mean a long eventual haul of very little sleep and an undying requirement of energy in the form of simple carbs to keep me awake for more than an hour at a time (totally fattening in usual fitness circumstances) the ‘baby weight’ literally fell off. Although what’s left behind is not something that can be commented on in the supermarket as it’s pretty flat 18 months after my last of 3 babies over 17 years, I can honestly admit that a child on holiday staring and pointing at my tiger stripes and what I call my ‘porridge belly’ was utterly embarrassing! I will say this, mothers who see your body for the true value of the life bearing qualities it has become as a mother and the loving fathers who love that snoopy as their pillow of comfort for themselves as well as their own child does, deserve the little awakening energy you have left to embrace that love are the only people that know you for what you have endured as a mother! Much love CD xx


    • raisingmyminime says:

      Thank you :) it’s so lovely hearing mothers being openly proud of their bodies – after all, our bodies show the journey we’ve been through to become mothers. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but I can think of nothing better to be the cause of my ‘mummy body’. Oh gosh! I imagine that would have felt a little embarrassing, I expect the child had no idea what they were doing by saying that – that’s children for ya though!
      You really have put that so well though, as a mother and wife I’d want nothing more than for provide comfort for them! And I’m sure all others feel the same. Thank you for your lovely words xx


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