The final few weeks

I know my blog says that it’s all about parenthood, but there is still so much I want to talk about from pregnancy. One thing in particular, is the final stretch. Most people would consider this the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, but I mean the last 2 or 3. As soon as a woman hits the 37 week mark (which although not due until 40 weeks, is deemed full term), women go crazy. I mean really crazy. Anything they can do to get that baby out, will be done. Hell, I’ve even heard of women walking up and down the stairs sideways in an attempt to bring on labour?! (I won’t say whether or not I tried that…)

Anyway, one thing that helped keep me going was my 2 week countdown bag, prepared for me by my marvellous sister-in-law. This works very much like a calendar, and each day during the last 2 weeks, I had a gift to unwrap. And at the risk of sounding like a big kid, I bloody loved it. The gifts don’t need to be mega expensive, super high tech, shiny things; but little gifts, gifts that will prove useful. My sister-in-law wrapped up bits that would help with the hospital bag (deodorants, creams, body wash etc), bits to pamper myself with (like bubble bath – I’m sure any pregnant woman will agree, a bath when you’re that uncomfortable is like heaven in a tub), and useful bits for the baby. One of my favourites was a travel steriliser for dummies!

My reason for posting this is because I really enjoyed it, so any future mum’s may do too. So if you’re pregnant, maybe ask your partner to prepare something for you as a treat? Or, if you know a pregnant woman, why not prepare a little something as a surprise to make her last 2 weeks a little bit more exciting.

Pregnancy gifts

Here’s an example of some things that might be handy

If you don’t think I’m an arse for insinuating you should buy things, the below might be handy as ideas to treat for the mumma-to-be:

  • Dry shampoo (trust me, she’ll need it)
  • Breast pads (again, she’ll need it. See my previous post here for back up)
  • Nipple cream (I highly recommend Lansinoh)
  • Bubble bath
  • Travel body wash/shampoos for the hospital
  • Cotton wool
  • Infacol
  • Chocolate
  • … More chocolate
  • Puzzle books (only if catering to a nerd, like me)
  • A travel steriliser
  • A book
  • A baby grow

I feel like I’m stating the obvious, and they’re just ideas. But you never know, it could help. I think it’s a wonderful idea – each morning I woke up still pregnant (note the frustration), it gave me just a little something to get excited for.


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