Reflexology and getting pregnant


Reflexology helped me in a big way. While some may dispute this, I genuinely believe that there are a lot of benefits to reflexology. It can help with a great deal of things; it can reduce stress, alleviate pain, eliminate toxins, and the most important one for this post, it can help with fertility.

Early last year, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. Amongst other things, this put my cycles out of whack. It meant I’d go months without a period, and therefore, I wouldn’t ovulate. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you’ll probably know that you can’t get pregnant unless you ovulate. No egg, no baby. Simple. I tried all sorts to help. I drank special tea’s, I took vitamins and I changed my diet. But nothing worked. Nada. I just wasn’t ovulating.

After many, many, many searches with Dr Google, I eventually came across Reflexology. At the time, I’d never heard of it. I’d never really believed in holistic therapies – as far as I was concerned they would provide relaxation, and that’s about it. Being curious however, I did do a little searching on ‘reflexology and fertility’. After an entire day of searching (I got a little Google happy), I’d found that there were a lot of women claiming to get pregnant after reflexology sessions.

At this point, I was willing to try anything. I came across Alex, from Amethyst Reflexology. I promptly contacted her and arrived for my first session not long after. I was very sceptical, I mean, how on earth could  foot rub help me get pregnant?! The session was wonderful though, I felt relaxed and optimistic, and was keen for another visit – whether it helped or not (the only downside was my feet would slip all around in my shoes on the drive home)! Low and behold, 2 days later I got a positive ovulation test. It worked! Sure, you may be thinking this is a fluke. However, it happened each time I went. About 2-3 days after, I’d get the positive test again.

(if you do use ovulation tests and are spending a bomb in store, try these. Much cheaper, and you can buy in bulk)

Now I totally get that some people won’t believe this, and that’s fine. But, I do genuinely believe that it helps your body get back into sync with itself, reduce stress, and by stimulating parts of your foot (linked with your reproductive organs), reflexology can help both boost your fertility, and encourage ovulation.

After my third session, I fell pregnant. Unfortunately this wasn’t meant to be, and if you’ve read my previous post (click here if you’re interested) you’ll know that this pregnancy didn’t last. However, the very next month I fell pregnant again. And now I’m sat here with baby to the left of me.

Reflexology may not be for everyone, and not everyone will have the same positive experience I did. But if you are struggling to get pregnant, I couldn’t recommend this enough. Surely it’s worth a shot? It is kinda expensive, but that’s why I only went once a month (mid cycle), and the results are more than worth it.

Alex can be contacted on this link, if you’re interested in trying reflexology with her. There are plenty of places to try it if you don’t live in the Southampton/Portsmouth area though.

I’m really hopeful that reflexology will help others the same way it did us, so please share this with your friends :)


One thought on “Reflexology and getting pregnant

  1. hayley says:

    Ah thats so interesting!!! I’ve never tried reflexology but I’d love to. I have thyroid disease myself and it causes so many symptoms that are difficult to live with, I wonder if it would help with those too x


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