12 Confessions from first time Mum’s

12 confessions

I recently read a post on Mumsnet about first time Mum’s acting a little crazy with their first borns. As much as I hate to admit it, I could actually relate to a good few of them!

This gave me an idea for a new post. So, I spoke to a number of Mum’s and they were kind enough to let me know some of the funny things that have happened with them and their babies, and a few little paranoid moments that they might find funny now, looking back on them.

I may have added 1 or 2 in myself, but I shan’t be telling you which! But if you know me well though, you might be able to tell!

Here they are:


“I’ve been so tired on a few occasions, I’ve worn ear plugs at night so that my husband wakes up first!”

“My husband and I wouldn’t allow anyone to take photos of our baby with flash, for fear it would make our baby go blind” – I actually saw this one on the Mumsnet article too, so perhaps quite a common fear!

“I now wash my hands after going near anything I think has germs, as I don’t want to spread them to my baby – even if I don’t touch it! My hands are so dry now”

“While changing my sons nappy, he started to giggle. I got sidetracked cooing over him, and didn’t realise that I forgot to put his nappy on. He pee’d right in his eyes and mouth!”

“My husband loves flying our son over his head, until the baby puked all over his face”

“I would only use a Tommee Tippee bottle on the Perfect Prep as it’s made by Tommee Tippee. I’d then pour the milk into the Avent bottles as I just didn’t think about it, so ended up sterilising 2 bottles for every feed!”

“I’d sometimes ask people to use my anti bacterial spray before touching my baby”

“If you manage to get yourself out of the house with your bra on and your shirt buttoned up…you are God!”

“When in the car, I’ll sit in the back with my baby and keep my hand on his chest the whole journey to make sure baby is still breathing”

“My son was giggling the other day, I spent so much time trying to get a camera to film it, I missed his giggling!”

“I made my sister quit smoking before she could see my daughter, as I didn’t want any smoke around her”

“When I take my son shopping, I have to go through about 5 different trollies before I’m satisfied, as I’m scared of any dirt getting on him!”


Any of these sound familiar to you? If you have any similar stories, I’d love to hear them :) Or even share it with friends you think might relate!


Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions

There are just 8 more days to go until Christmas day, and I’m still not feeling too festive. I’d have thought being at home around Christmas, and with my little boy would have left me exploding with Christmas joy. But for some reason, it’s just not arrived yet. I haven’t even watched any Christmas films yet! Partially because I’m so hooked on Grey’s Anatomy (and Dr McDreamy!) that whenever I have a few moments of spare time, I’m watching that! Luckily my friend is coming round tomorrow to sort that out. Everyone needs a Christmas movie day leading up to the big day.

Every family has their own traditions at Christmas time. Now that I have my own little family, it’s time for me and my husband to combine ours and set our own traditions.

At home, I really struggle with change. I hate it. I like things to be the way I’m used to, and you’ll have to really push me to change. I’m fairly (obsessively) routine oriented, and if someone asks me to deviate from my ‘norm’, it’s like asking me to kill a cat. It doesn’t happen. Although, now that I’m playing ‘grown up’, I am trying to be better.

So, when I was exposed to different ways of spending Christmas (i.e. Neals), I was horrified when I realised that I might actually have to get rid of some of my ways, to make way for his. Our Christmas’ are so different.

I thought I’d share a few traditions below:

Christmas Eve

When we were kids, we always got to open one present before bed on Christmas eve. Not big ones, but little ones. It got us really excited for the next day, and for Father Christmas to arrive.

My husband didn’t do this, instead their Christmas Eve tradition was having steak for dinner the night before. This is a tradition I like. Who doesn’t like steak?!

Christmas Eve also involved my cousin and I scouring through the latest Argos catalogue, and writing down all the things we wanted, and leaving it at the end of our beds for Santa. In hindsight, probably not the best idea. How can Santa (ahum, parents) get items from the list when only told them just before bed on Christmas Eve. Whoops!

Christmas breakfast

FRY UP. Christmas morning isn’t the same, without a huge fry up and a glass of bucks fizz (gross, I don’t partake in the bucks fizz part. Orange juice for me, thanks).

Neal however, always had salmon and scrambled egg. Even grosser. I’m afraid that is one tradition that won’t be continuing…

Christmas stocking/presents under the tree/Father Christmas

The first thing we’d do is wake up (probably about 5am) and open the presents from Father Christmas. I know some have the presents under the tree as being from him, but ours were always in the stocking. We’d then go downstairs and open the presents from our family. There’d be little presents hiding in the tree branches also, that we’d open up later in the day, after dinner – when I was little, I genuinely believed the Christmas tree went out shopping during the night, and bought us presents.

Christmas Eve was always the hardest night to fall asleep. Santa only visits when you’re asleep, of course. So I always used to panic. I also used to worry that if we didn’t leave enough carrots for the reindeer, that they might try to eat me.

One year, I remember my cousin and I decided to try and trick Father Christmas. So we set up a plan to catch him, and take a photo of him. It was foolproof, really. We had string tied to the door handle, which was also tied to my cousins foot. So, when he opened the door to come into our room, my cousin would be awoken and would use the camera we left in her bed to take a photo of him. Genius, right?!

Maybe not… We woke the next morning and the presents were in our stockings at the end of the bed, the string still tied to the door handle. To this day, I’m still confused as to how that worked.


Games are a must for me! Particularly Pictionary. At least one round of Pictionary must be played each year. This is non negotiable.

Winchester Christmas market

This isn’t so much of a tradition. But the past 2 years, we have gone with our friends to the market. We never really buy anything, or spend much time looking at the stalls in great detail. But it’s just lovely. It’s so beautiful, and Christmassy. Especially when accompanied by good company, and of course, Christmas coffee (thank you, Starbucks for your beautiful Eggnog lattes).

New traditions?

I kind of feel that we have the chance to make our own traditions now. And although I’m very much stuck in my ways, it’s something that really excites me.

Next year, I’m totally trying the Elf on the Shelf thing. Super Christmassy, but I also think I could use it to my advantage when Dom gets older. Mwahahaha.

I read something recently about a Mum who changed her husbands name on her phone to Elf/Father Christmas, I can’t remember which. And he’d call every day to check the kids were being good. If not, the Mum would report back to Father Christmas, so the kids would behave really well to avoid being put on the dreaded Naughty List! This is definitely something I might try in the future!


Not so much of a tradition, but the most important part, of course, is family. My family don’t all live too close together, so it’s wonderful getting together and playing games, eating and generally just being merry! I’ve always stayed at my auntie’s house the night before, and we’ve spent the whole day there. The next day, I’d go and visit the rest of my family at my Nan and Grandad’s.

Christmas day to me is a chaotic, messy and fun. I’m not so into the structured, ‘no TV’ kind of day. In fact, I quite like to snuggle up with my cousins and watch our new DVDs and Christmas films. Christmas is not for being quiet, for me. It’s about lots of noise, lots of games, and most importantly, lots of family.



Do you have any Christmas traditions? I think it’s lovely to share these, as you never know, it could inspire someone! :)

3 month update

Well, my little sprog is no longer a new born, and has entered the world of infanthood.

Pass me the tissues!!!

In all honesty, it’s not been half as upsetting as I thought it would be. Since he’s been born I’ve been constantly frightened by how fast he’s growing, worrying he’s not going to be my baby for long. But, now he’s starting to do things, I really am enjoying him growing and cannot wait for him to start doing new things.

Anyway, here’s the update.


This month has by far been the most exciting. At just over 10 weeks we had our first laugh. And what a laugh it is. I don’t ordinarily watch people laughing so intently (not to mention filming them) but this was most definitely the time for it. All it took was an “ooooo” (but in a deep, cow sounding tone. Quite scary, actually), and the laughter kept coming! Anyone who came round our house the following couple of weeks must have felt like they were at a farm. Only this farm only housed cows. Luckily, we’ve now found other ways to make him laugh – bouncing him on the bed, raspberries on his tummy. The normal things. Now we’re not quite as terrifying when we try to make our son laugh.

He’s started to grab things now (namely, my hair). Including  the delightful little fox that hangs from his play gym, that one seems to be his favourite – until he gets bored that is, and screams at it. Poor fox. Whatever he does grab however, will inevitably end up in his mouth. It’s always nice when he grabs my wrist, pulls it into his mouth, and then looks at me in disgust. Clearly doesn’t taste as good as anticipated.


This is the famous Mr Fox.

He’s much more vocal this month, too. I don’t feel like such a nutter talking, singing and making weird noises and faces at him, as now he actually responds. We both look like nutters now.


I’m starting to get more energy now that Dom is sleeping longer. So I’m not quite the walking zombie I once was. It’s quite nice having the energy to get things done, and still have a little energy to be social and do other things afterwards.

A lot of the baby weight has gone, almost at pre-baby weight now. However I’ve realised that I don’t care half as much as I thought I would. I’m too preoccupied to check ol’ snoop out right now. I think it’s just the breastfeeding that’s helping me out at the moment. Thank you, boobs!

Speaking of boobs, they’re becoming a little more well behaved as of late. If you’ve read my older posts, you’ll know that they like to leak a little more than I’d like. However, I think they’ve finally realised they’re only feeding 1 baby, not 10, and I can now feed Dom without needing 20 spare pads by my side. Typically though, I’ve found myself a little disappointed that I’m no longer making the extra milk… women, eh?!

Hair is falling out left, right and centre. I knew this time would come, I just hoped I would be the lucky one to escape it. But all that extra hair had to go somewhere, I guess. As long as it stops at some point, that would be okay.

Now that some of my stripes are fading, I’m not quite the tiger I once was. Like with the weight though, I’ve learnt to accept my stripes of honour and embrace them. Something I hope my fellow Mama’s will do too!

Anyway, that’s me for this month, I’m off to break up a fight between a between a baby and a fox.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Did you sing the title as you read it too? I’ve now gone and got it stuck in my head. Over and over and over – as that’s the only part of the song I know!

Anyway. Christmas. That’s what I want to talk about. My favourite time of the year. Despite the cold. I hate the cold.

Christmas tree.JPG

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas treeeeeee.

Each year the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier in the shops, and everyone complains. Though I might groan about it, “It’s only September?!?!!”, but inside it gets me ever so excited. I mention this in the first blog I wrote, and I still stand by it. The earlier they come out, the earlier you can start getting excited. And who doesn’t love getting excited?

It’s also a nice prompt to start Christmas shopping. If you’re anything like me, every year I plan to start shopping early/mid November, and every year I fail. I always end up panic buying mid December and then spending way more than I’d planned. This year I’ve been much better (most likely because I’m not working), and have bought a lot already. Black Friday was largely to thank for that. Good ol’ American traditions!

I most definitely won’t be attempting the shops again this year either. At least places with multiple levels. I’d never realised how frustrating it would be having to wait for a lift every time I needed to go to another shop (because sods law, it’s never on the same floor you’re on). One thing I did love about West Quay (namely, John Lewis) is their breast feeding facilities. They have a really big room with about 3 or 4 changing mats, a large toilet area, and a bit at the back to feed your baby! Definitely easier than trying to do it on the sly in a restaurant or coffee shop.

I was also massively impressed by Halifax. We were in the bank when Dominic decided he wanted to scream, and scream, and scream… A lady heard me saying that he needed a feed, so she set up a private room for me  to go and feed him (without me asking, I might add). It’s kindness like that, that really makes a difference. I imagine some places may have asked me to leave for making a scene, but they really made me feel at ease.

Anyway, I digress.

This Christmas will be our first Christmas as a family of 3. My husband isn’t overly into Christmas, which causes quite the clash in our house as I go Christmas MAD. I have also noticed that over the years, the magic has started to disappear, now that I know that – close your eyes kids! – Father Christmas isn’t real.  But now I have Dominic, I really feel the Christmas cheer again. This year is just the start though, as I know he has no idea what’s going on. But next year… next year will be amazing! Christmas will not know what’s hit it.

Yankee advent

Grown up’s are allowed Advent calendars too, right?

I’m quite keen to do the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ thing that everyone’s got goin’ on.  I’d only actually heard about this recently, but it seems like so much fun. Dominic’s a bit too young for me to do it this year (although I’m tempted to do it anyway…), but I can’t wait until he understands that sort of thing. I’ll fill the house with elves! I’ll be the crazy lady on the street, with a house full of elves. Forget cats, it’s all about the elves.

I feel I may have gotten a little bit too excited.

I have a year (or 2?) to calm myself.

I would be really interested to see pictures of these, if any readers are doing, or have done the Elf on the Shelf.

I better go now, I have Christmas shopping to do. Online, of course. Ain’t nobody got time for elevators.


Mums at war

Mum's at war

Being a new mum, one of the first things I worried about was ‘Mother rivalry’. As soon as I fell pregnant, I felt as though I entered a battlefield of mum’s – judgement everywhere. It might be hiding sometimes, but it’s there.

Definitely not cool.

I’ve been having a little think about the things that come up the most – in my opinion, anyway.

Breastfeeding vs. Bottle

“Breast is best”, they always say.

If you’ve had a baby, no doubt you’ve had that saying drummed into your head since day one. But really, it’s not always best. Sure, they say it has health benefits, and is a lovely bonding experience. And to that, I agree. However, for various reasons, not all women can breastfeed. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I have a friend who wasn’t able to breastfeed. The pressure people put on her to do so, made her feel like a terrible mum, like she couldn’t bond with her baby the way she should – but of course, she is a fantastic mum, she just fed her baby differently. Her baby just didn’t play ball. Not mumma’s fault (or the baby’s, for that matter).


So, your baby slept allllll the way through the night, as soon as you brought him back from the hospital?

Of course he did. (raises eyebrow – if I could, anyway)

My baby has been quite good at sleeping during the night. He’ll wake 2 or 3 times, but as soon as he’s fed, it’s back to sleep. Not until I started going to a New Parent group, did I realise that this wasn’t the norm and that babies really do stay up all night. And when they’re struggling to maintain consciousness throughout the day, the last thing they want is people making a competition out of it.

However well long our babies sleep throughout the night, we are all in this together, and we should support each other.

No bragging. Bragging is not allowed.


I think this one is really important. Babies hit the different milestones at different rates. Like our pregnancies, every little baby is different, and wonderful in their own little ways.

I’m guilty of this one. Not for bragging, but for listening to what other babies can do and wondering why mine can’t yet. Enter, Google. My best friend, but worst enemy at the same time, waiting to tell me that I’m doing everything wrong. Frenemies, perhaps? Either way, don’t let other people make you feel as though your baby is behind, because they will do it when they’re good and ready.

The School Gates

My baby isn’t even three months yet (*shudders*, he will be in 6 days), and I’m already worrying about when he starts school. I’ll have to mingle with all the pushy parents at the school gates, all the mums in their Range Rovers waiting for their wonder kid to finish school.

I can hear it now. “Oh my Timothy got an A, in Literacy” (says in a posh, bragging tone). I’m waiting for the other mums to go all Mean Girls on me, for wearing the wrong thing, or some other crap like that. Maybe it’s being at school again that brings it out in people.


Don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate as a parent. No matter what your methods are, no matter when your child starts to walk, talk or sleep all night, whether you leave them to cry, or not. You are wonderful! A big pat on the back to you (and a glass of wine).

If you agree/like this, or have any comments, please do share or comment below :)