3 month update

Well, my little sprog is no longer a new born, and has entered the world of infanthood.

Pass me the tissues!!!

In all honesty, it’s not been half as upsetting as I thought it would be. Since he’s been born I’ve been constantly frightened by how fast he’s growing, worrying he’s not going to be my baby for long. But, now he’s starting to do things, I really am enjoying him growing and cannot wait for him to start doing new things.

Anyway, here’s the update.


This month has by far been the most exciting. At just over 10 weeks we had our first laugh. And what a laugh it is. I don’t ordinarily watch people laughing so intently (not to mention filming them) but this was most definitely the time for it. All it took was an “ooooo” (but in a deep, cow sounding tone. Quite scary, actually), and the laughter kept coming! Anyone who came round our house the following couple of weeks must have felt like they were at a farm. Only this farm only housed cows. Luckily, we’ve now found other ways to make him laugh – bouncing him on the bed, raspberries on his tummy. The normal things. Now we’re not quite as terrifying when we try to make our son laugh.

He’s started to grab things now (namely, my hair). Including  the delightful little fox that hangs from his play gym, that one seems to be his favourite – until he gets bored that is, and screams at it. Poor fox. Whatever he does grab however, will inevitably end up in his mouth. It’s always nice when he grabs my wrist, pulls it into his mouth, and then looks at me in disgust. Clearly doesn’t taste as good as anticipated.


This is the famous Mr Fox.

He’s much more vocal this month, too. I don’t feel like such a nutter talking, singing and making weird noises and faces at him, as now he actually responds. We both look like nutters now.


I’m starting to get more energy now that Dom is sleeping longer. So I’m not quite the walking zombie I once was. It’s quite nice having the energy to get things done, and still have a little energy to be social and do other things afterwards.

A lot of the baby weight has gone, almost at pre-baby weight now. However I’ve realised that I don’t care half as much as I thought I would. I’m too preoccupied to check ol’ snoop out right now. I think it’s just the breastfeeding that’s helping me out at the moment. Thank you, boobs!

Speaking of boobs, they’re becoming a little more well behaved as of late. If you’ve read my older posts, you’ll know that they like to leak a little more than I’d like. However, I think they’ve finally realised they’re only feeding 1 baby, not 10, and I can now feed Dom without needing 20 spare pads by my side. Typically though, I’ve found myself a little disappointed that I’m no longer making the extra milk… women, eh?!

Hair is falling out left, right and centre. I knew this time would come, I just hoped I would be the lucky one to escape it. But all that extra hair had to go somewhere, I guess. As long as it stops at some point, that would be okay.

Now that some of my stripes are fading, I’m not quite the tiger I once was. Like with the weight though, I’ve learnt to accept my stripes of honour and embrace them. Something I hope my fellow Mama’s will do too!

Anyway, that’s me for this month, I’m off to break up a fight between a between a baby and a fox.



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