12 Confessions from first time Mum’s

12 confessions

I recently read a post on Mumsnet about first time Mum’s acting a little crazy with their first borns. As much as I hate to admit it, I could actually relate to a good few of them!

This gave me an idea for a new post. So, I spoke to a number of Mum’s and they were kind enough to let me know some of the funny things that have happened with them and their babies, and a few little paranoid moments that they might find funny now, looking back on them.

I may have added 1 or 2 in myself, but I shan’t be telling you which! But if you know me well though, you might be able to tell!

Here they are:


“I’ve been so tired on a few occasions, I’ve worn ear plugs at night so that my husband wakes up first!”

“My husband and I wouldn’t allow anyone to take photos of our baby with flash, for fear it would make our baby go blind” – I actually saw this one on the Mumsnet article too, so perhaps quite a common fear!

“I now wash my hands after going near anything I think has germs, as I don’t want to spread them to my baby – even if I don’t touch it! My hands are so dry now”

“While changing my sons nappy, he started to giggle. I got sidetracked cooing over him, and didn’t realise that I forgot to put his nappy on. He pee’d right in his eyes and mouth!”

“My husband loves flying our son over his head, until the baby puked all over his face”

“I would only use a Tommee Tippee bottle on the Perfect Prep as it’s made by Tommee Tippee. I’d then pour the milk into the Avent bottles as I just didn’t think about it, so ended up sterilising 2 bottles for every feed!”

“I’d sometimes ask people to use my anti bacterial spray before touching my baby”

“If you manage to get yourself out of the house with your bra on and your shirt buttoned up…you are God!”

“When in the car, I’ll sit in the back with my baby and keep my hand on his chest the whole journey to make sure baby is still breathing”

“My son was giggling the other day, I spent so much time trying to get a camera to film it, I missed his giggling!”

“I made my sister quit smoking before she could see my daughter, as I didn’t want any smoke around her”

“When I take my son shopping, I have to go through about 5 different trollies before I’m satisfied, as I’m scared of any dirt getting on him!”


Any of these sound familiar to you? If you have any similar stories, I’d love to hear them :) Or even share it with friends you think might relate!



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