4 month update

Little Dom is now 4 months old. Time seriously needs to slow down. I’m enjoying myself so much right now, every little moment is just so precious, but time really seems to be slipping away. I just had a little read of my 3 month update post, and it feels like I’ve only just written it. Was that really a whole month ago?! Before I know it, he’ll be 12 months old and I’ll be back at work – SOBS! But I’m trying to keep that at the back of my mind for now.

Anyway, here goes.


I feel like he’s changing like crazy at the moment. Every day he’s becoming a little stronger, he’s using his hands more, his head’s steadier and he’s finding joy in his toys like he never has before.

Last month I mentioned him being more vocal. Last month isn’t a patch on this month. It’s constant squealing and shouting (good shouting) at the moment. He’s found his voice, and he really wants us to know about it! We surprised my sister-in-law on her birthday recently, and he nearly blew our cover while we were hiding with his new found chattiness.

Last month I also mentioned that he was sleeping a lot more. Well that’s gone out the window. If you read my most recent post, you’ll know he’s no longer sleeping like he used to, so in turn, I’m no longer functioning like I used to. Enter, zombie mum (again!). I believe this is the four month sleep regression taking its toll. See here, for that story.

He’s become much more interactive now too. Probably something to do with the masses of toys we’ve acquired over the Christmas period. We now have play ‘stations’ for him. The Baby Einstein jumper being one of them. It’s amazing! It’s very similar to the Jumparoo, which you’ve probably heard of. It is a God send.


The Baby Einstein in all it’s glory.

We also have a Blossom Farm Sit Me Up which is really good, as it doubles up as a little ring for him to lay/play in (since my Dad mentioned it, all I can see is ribs underneath the pony’s head?! It’s got the bone and everything) This on top of the activity mat we already have, there’s always something to occupy little Dom, so we can rotate around the stations until he gets tired or over stimulated.


The Pony Sit up. See the bones??

I’ve decided to start weening him off the boob this month. Due to the copious amounts of dribble, hand gumming, grumpiness and the tiny white bump on his gums, I’m fairly certain that teething is well under way. And I for one, do not want him to be feeding from me when he’s got a nice sharp set of nashers. I’ll still express (I’m still a little too scared to move on from my milk just yet), but feed him with a bottle. The idea is that we ween him off bit by bit, a bottle a day, then 2, and so on. So far, it’s not going so well. The other morning I managed a whole 1/2 an ounce. That’s the most I’ve managed in a while, so I’ll take it as a small victory, and persevere.


As above, I’m a little zombified as of late. More so than when he was a newborn. But that could be do to with the fact it was all brand new before, so maybe it didn’t hit me as hard back then…? Although he always went about 3 hours before waking up,  rather than 1-2, so that’s more likely it.

I feel I’m finally getting the hang of this whole parenting malarky now. I can now do pretty much anything whilst holding Dominic. A multitasking God, if you will… (or something like that…) I’m also starting to trust my own instincts, and my own decisions – something I struggled with before as I was bombarded with other people’s opinions – not always a bad thing, but it can make things harder as my brain was overloaded with too much information. I’m Googling less (which really was a big problem) and just enjoying the time I have with my little man, without constantly worrying something is wrong.

That’s all for this month,  s’later :)


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