Review: Amber anklets


Teething. Ohhhhh teething. The bane of my life. Why is my poor baby being made sad by all these teeth invading his mouth?

Until my boy was about 2 months old, I’d never even heard of Amber or it’s supposed pain relieving qualities. I was at a First Time Parents group, when some of the mums brought it up. Admittedly, at the time I thought nothing of it. If I’m honest, I thought it was a bit silly – how on earth could a bracelet/anklet/necklace stop the pain of teething? And if it really did work, why on earth had I not heard of it yet?!

Anyway, I quickly dismissed the idea of ever using one, and put it to the back of my mind. Who believes that kind of stuff anyway?

Enter, teething.

Once Dom had starting teething, I was very quick to eat my words and jump onto the amber bandwagon. Before I purchased anything, I did a lot of research online. I quickly saw a big divide in people’s opinions. The ‘specialists’, if you like, dismissed the idea that they work, suggesting that there wasn’t enough proof. However looking at actual reviews, other people were suggesting otherwise. The products on Amazon are jam packed with reviews of people advocating these anklets, saying how they stopped the teething pains and dribbling of their babies very soon after using them.

At that point I was pretty desperate. My son had become a regular waker in the night, and was a lot grumpier than usual. And a grumpy baby, means a grumpy mummy. Based on the fact I can actually see the white marks in his gums, I can only assume that this, along with the extra dribbling, and the ear pulling (something I’ve read is linked to teething pain), was confirmation of him teething.

So, off I went to the interweb to order me an anklet. I chose an anklet as I really don’t like the idea of something around Dom’s neck. I feel it would be far too easy for him to strangle himself, and with bracelets I thought that if he broke it, he could easily get hold of one of the beads and choke on it. So, I opted for an anklet that I could secure it underneath his socks and baby grows.


When it arrived, I was quite pleased with it. I got mine from Amazon from a company called ‘I like Amber’. It was cute, I really liked the design and it was elasticated so it ‘grew’ with the baby.  It was tiny. I couldn’t figure out how such a tiny anklet could cost £12.00. Don’t get me wrong, £12.00 isn’t extortionate by any means, but for that tiny little thing?! Keep in mind when looking at the below picture, I have the hands of a school girl.


Anyway, I quickly put it on my sons ankle in anticipation that soon, he would be symptom free, and I would finally get some rest at night.

My husband and a number of other people I’d told about it thought it was ridiculous. They kept calling it ‘voodoo’, and made fun of me for thinking that it could possibly make a difference.

From my research, I understood that the warmth of the baby heats the amber a little, which makes the oils from the amber absorb into the skin, and in turn becomes a natural form of pain relief for the child. I felt pretty well researched, and reviews don’t lie, so I confidently stood my ground and insisted that soon, Dom would no longer be in discomfort and would stop dribbling too.

A few days passed, and there was no improvement in my sons mood, and so, no improvement in my sleep. I figured it could take a while, so kept it on him for a while longer. After all, I had heard of cases where it had taken a couple of weeks.

4 weeks on, and my sons teething symptoms still haven’t improved at all.

I’ve decided to remove the anklet, as to be honest, it was a pain in the bum anyway. Despite thinking I could keep it on with socks, it would still manage to escape. Now that he grabs his feet, he’d also try and pull it off when changing him. And, most importantly, there was no improvement in his symptoms.

This is not to say that they don’t work for other babies, as if you read the reviews, other parents swear by then. But unfortunately, in our case, it didn’t work at all.

Whether or not I’ll admit this to my husband, is a different story.



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