The Sleep Diaries: A New Resident

As most of you will know, we’ve been having a few problems with getting our little one to sleep during the night (I want to punch my smug, 6 week old parent self in the face).

I’m not gonna pretend like I’m the only one who’s experiencing problems. Hell, many will have it a lot worse than us. But it is getting pretty wearing, so woe is me, I’m gonna moan about it. We’ve tried a number of things, but so far, nothing has helped.

Throw in a nasty cold for baby, and it’s a nightmare!

The poor little mite will no longer settle after waking up, whereas before, I’d give him a quick feed for a few minutes, and he’d be soundo. We had a pretty sweet set up.

But very rapidly, my sleepy little baby decided he prefers to be awake, and held (while standing… always standing) all night.

So I thought I’d make a series of posts under ‘The Sleep Diaries’ so I can document our journey from nocturnal (can it still be nocturnal if you don’t sleep in the day?), to a well rested household. Hopefully this will also make other parents see that they’re not alone in this sleep deprived, fuzzy world.

Here’s what we’ve tried so far to get him sleeping better:

  • Getting him to sleep less in the day – apparently, that’s a big no no.
  • Getting him to sleep more in the day – for some bizarre reason, a well rested baby sleeps more at night? Not for us.
  • Hungry baby formula – Dom point blank refused to drink formula. I’d hoped it’d keep his tummy satisfied for the night, but we didn’t get to test that theory!
  • Having him sleep in his own room – we thought reducing the noise in the room would keep him asleep. But nope.
  • Putting more layers on incase he was cold.
  • Taking layers off incase he was hot.
  • Giving him a dummy – he’s never used a dummy before, but he’s taken to it quite well. I know I’ve made a rod for my own back with this one, as in a few months I bet he won’t want to get rid of it.
  • An amber anklet – read about that one here.
  • Dream feeding – but he’ll no longer do that, it used to work when he was ickle.
  • Played soothing music – this just made me sleepier.
  • Once he falls asleep, waiting with him in my arms for about 30 minutes, before putting him back in his crib – he wakes up the second I put him down.  I do give pretty good cuddles though, I suppose I can’t blame him ;)

None of the above will work.

So, the last few nights I’ve started a habit that I will HATE myself for in the future. And I know it. But I’ve felt so desperate, I’ve allowed it to happen.

Dom now resides in our bed in the night. I swore blind I wouldn’t co sleep (there’s nothing wrong with it at all, it’s just something that makes me nervous). It isn’t all night in all fairness, but for when I can’t keep myself awake any longer, and give up. I now slumber at the foot of the bed. Low enough that Dom won’t kick me in the eye – something that’s really funny, apparently.


A little preview of our new bed situation

But tonight, we have tried teething gel. I’ve never really used it before, as I’d heard that teething gel wasn’t safe. But I read a bit more into it and it seems perfectly fine. We’ve also started using Calpol’s Plug In – which I quite enjoy too, actually.

I’ll keep you posted! Fingers crossed this is the first, and only Sleep Diaries post ;)



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