Little Pickles Market

Today Dominic and I took a little trip to Little Pickles Market. I’m not usually one for markets as they’re so busy. And I hate busy. I’m the same with sales, with clothes in piles everywhere, it’s unorganised and people bump into me left, right and centre. I can’t stand ’em. And if I hated them before, I hate them 10 times more now that I’m pushing a buggy around.

Despite my feelings for unorganised, busy places, today I wanted to give it a go.

As I’d expected, it was manic. A fairly small hall, filled with parents upon parents, most of whom where pushing around prams. I had to do a few circuits before I actually managed to get close enough to a stall. But when I did, I was pleasantly surprised.

There was a huge selection of boys clothes to choose from, and it wasn’t a huge jumble, it was all actually very organised. There were a lot of toys too, but Dominic has far too many, I didn’t want to clutter up our house even more. The people running the stalls were lovely too – for some reason I had it in my head that they’d be grumpy and disinterested, but having said that, the market only ran for an hour and a half, so they didn’t have much time to get bored!


The front one is my favourite. DINO-SIR!

I ended up purchasing 3 t-shirts from a lovely lady, and some dungarees from another. All in all, it cost me £3! I was so pleased. No wonder people go mad for markets. I think today I’ve been converted.


Next time I’ll be smart though, and bring Dominic in his carrier for optimum weaving ability, and to spare my sanity a little.


p.s. There is another Little Pickles market going on tomorrow in Eastleigh, for anyone interested. They also run Bigger Pickle events for the older ones.